Types of Workplace Bullying

Examples of general behaviour that may constitute bullying specific to the workplace are as follows:

· Purposely undermining someone

· Targeting individuals for special negative treatment

· Manipulation of an individual‘s reputation

· Social exclusion or isolation (sending to “Coventry”)

· Intimidation

· Verbal abuse or making fun of a person’s work or the person (including family, sex, sexuality, race or culture, education or economic background)

· Psychological harassment (playing mind games, ganging up)

· Aggressive or obscene language

· Offensive jokes, comments, banter, or insults

· Suggestive remarks, innuendos

· Unwanted comments about dress or physical appearance

· Unnecessary touching

· Intrusion by leering, whistling, suggestive gestures, pestering, spying and stalking

· Use of graffiti

· Display of pornographic or sexually suggestive pictures or an offensive object

· Physical abuse and assault or threats thereof

· Humiliating initiation or hazing

· Unreasonable or pointless assignments

· Repeated requests with impossible deadlines or tasks

· Deliberately changing a work roster to cause difficulties

· Deliberately holding back information needed to get work done properly

· Unwelcome continued suggestions for social activity outside the workplace

· Cyberbullying (bullying using information technology)

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