Policy and Procedure

Workplace Dignity Solutions can assist with the design and drafting of a best practice policy and procedure covering all scenarios associated with bullying and harassment at work.

This will be customised to meet your organisations specific requirements. Given the frequent charge before the courts that the accused employer either had no policy and procedures, or that their policy and procedures were deficient in key areas, it is important that your policy and procedure is adequately clear, comprehensive and accessible.

The adoption of best practise measures in your organisation’s policy  will;

minimise the prospect of bullying and harassment behaviour in your workforce (no matter how small),

-be helpful in resolving issues arising, and

-be invaluable in withstanding robust challenges in the legal and related arenas.

Wise employers aren’t waiting for issues, but are implementing anti bullying policies as a way to retain employees, stimulate recruitment and maintain a healthy, happy and more productive workforce.

For more information please contact jim.harding@workplacedignitysolutions.ie