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Workplace bullying on the increase: Helpline takes 20,000 calls on the issue in one year [ DailyRecord, by Alan Jones, 15/11/2015 ]

Conciliation service Acas have received 20,000 calls in the past year about bullying in the workplace and have calculated that the issue is costing the economy £18billion.

Workplace bullying is increasing, with many victims too afraid to speak up about it, a study has revealed.

Conciliation service Acas said their helpline has had 20,000 calls in the past year, adding that the problem was costing the economy 18billion.

Some callers said the problem was so bad they had considered suicide .

Bullying is more likely to affect ethnic minority workers in the public sector, women in male-dominated jobs, disabled people or lesbian, gay and transgender people, said Acas.

Some people said they dreaded going to work while others felt the problem had affected their home life.

Acas said: “Managers sometimes dismiss accusations around bullying as personality clashes, while others may recognise the problem but lack the confidence or skills to deal with it.”

In a separate report, the TUC said almost a third of people had been bullied at work. Their survey of 1700 showed 40 to 59-year-olds were most likely to be bullied.